Scanshare Capture edition feature comparison

Scanshare document scanning solutions help organizations of all sizes improve the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of their paper-based information workflows. Operated by an embedded office multifunctional application, or the native Windows client, Scanshare’s server application can convert your day-to-day business documents into editable, electronic files and route them to the desired location, rapidly.

Ability meets affordability

Enhanced efficiency shouldn’t mean breaking the bank. That’s why every single Scanshare edition offers the following features:


  • Multifunction devices with SSO support
  • File system, Email and FTP monitoring
  • Mobile capturing
  • Print jobs capturing


  • Unlimited page text recognition (OCR)
  • Document zone analysis (Zone OCR, OMR, ICR)
  • Barcode recognition, separation and generator
  • Image enhancement
  • Format conversion
  • Forms recognition and document classification


  • Email distribution
  • File system locations
  • Document Management Systems
  • A range of cloud file hosting connectors
  • Office 365 support
  • Document printing