Scanshare Accounting

Scanshare Accounting brings your print governance to the next level. With a seamless integration it allows you to control your MFP security and billing strategy in a few simple clicks, combining the power of scanning and processing workflows. With the new policy manager the fleet control is made even easier by assigning different policies to a subset of devices, users and domains. Together with the accounting module Scanshare’s print management functions enable users to release their print jobs “just in time” whilst at the operating panel of their multifunctional device. This minimises paper wastage as users only release their print jobs when required so they are not left unclaimed ni the output tray. It also enables users to switch to an alternative print device, should their chosen device be unavailable, without having to reprint to a different print driver.

Powerful and simple

  • Single point of configuration (*)
  • Full integration with the powerful capture platform
  • Administration via policies
  • Card authentication support
  • Create unlimited reporting profiles
  • No users import to manage and update
(*) Availability of clients is subject to different brands