Capture from anywhere

Capture and convert your paper documents by using your office multifunctional device (with apps for most popular brands) via the Scanshare Capture embedded client.
By answering questions and making decisions at the multifunctional panel, document metadata can be used to route and store the data in the correct place. The PC capture client can drive dedicated scanning devices or import existing electronic documents.
Scanshare Capture can also monitor, analyse and process inbound email and attachments, from multiple email addresses, as well as integrate with other applications web services to receive data.

Embedded clients

Wide range of MFD embedded clients

Digital acquisition

File Systems, Emails, FTP, HL7, Web services and much more

PC clients

Windows clients for both digital importing and document scanning

Mobile clients

Native Android and iOS apps


Empower processing

Process your documents: Scanshare Capture offers an intelligent barcode detection and separation function in addition to smart page splitting, which enables you to capture multiple pages but store each page separately.
Zonal character recognition enables the extraction of specific information from the document by analysing specific zones. This information may be used to route, rename or store the document in a specific location.
Workflow triggers are activated when processing conditions are met (for example, a specific client name, invoice value, document type or content, number of pages etc.) and dynamic decisions are made on the processing routes.
Custom notifications can be raised with specific users and groups, alerting them to documents which require attention. And advanced scripting means a solution can be created for any situation.


Entry level complete solution, capture from embedded clients and electronic formats, full basic process and store to cloud.



Full features-set, scalable from home made scenarios to enterprise level. Full set of bi-directional connectors


Move your middleware to the cloud: connect, process and store all server-less with the cloud-aware embedded clients*.

Yes We Share

The Multi Tenancy module empowers the server less support for multiple customers opening doors to the full cloud offering.
With the possibility to create multiple tenants Scanshare V5 Multi Tenancy support will allow to have a full and isolated instance of the full featured Scanshare V5 workflow processing engine on one unique application installation.
Together with the powerful Scanshare V5 REST API now cloud-aware* clients will be able to connect directly to your tenant with a total server less installation: no server, no proxy, no local instances are required… connection straight away to your Multi Tenancy enabled Scanshare V5 server, wherever it is located.
Manageability of the server has never been so easy, everything seamless as a standard Scanshare V5 installation, just login with your super administrator account in order to manage, in few clicks, your tenant(s).

You Got It

Printing anywhere, easy, affordable and secure.
Simply printing management with Scanshare Cloud Print, move to a full cloud solution empowering the new Scanshare Cloud Print micro services. Integrate seamless users with Scanshare Authentication or existing users sources without the needs of configuring complex local configuration. All your local printers available everywhere, always.
Scanshare Cloud Print allows to handle printing with no efforts, anytime. With a native Windows app and a Chrome extension install in a single click the local print driver with a direct modern connection to the Cloud Print micro services, no proxy, no hybrid configuration.
Allow all users from your organization to print directly to the cloud, anywhere they are. Once at the printer list your pending print jobs and release them with a single click, directly from the cloud.

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